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Compare Prices on Orlistat 120mg Capsules (a treatment for weight loss)Orlistat 120mg (Generic Xenical) 120mg Tablets are weight loss aid. They contain the active ingredient Orlistat 120mg. Exercise and improving diet, where necessary, are recommended to maximise the benefits of taking Orlistat.

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Chemist DirectASSURED PHARMACYMedExpressSimple Online PharmacyDoctor FoxSuper DrugLloydsDr Ed
Orlistat 120mg (Generic Xenical) 1mg x 84ONLY XENICAL£67.99£64.99£ 33.75Not Provided£55.00Only Xenical£45.00
Orlistat 120mg (Generic Xenical) 1mg x 168ONLY XENICAL£104.99£109.99£ 66.50Not ProvidedN/AOnly XenicalN/A
Orlistat 120mg (Generic Xenical) 1mg x 252ONLY XENICAL£149.99£149.99£ 95.50Not Provided£150.00Only Xenical£120.00