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Compare Prices on Vaniqa Cream (a treatment for excess female facial hair).Vaniqa cream contains the active ingredient Eflornithine. All online pharmacies listed, are registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority), and the GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council), as licensed online sellers of medicines, and registered online pharmacies. We do not recommend you use sites that are not registered with these bodies. A lot of fraudulent and counterfeit prescription medications circulate online, and it is important you take medication that you know is safe and sourced from genuine UK wholesalers.

Vaniqa Price
Health Express121DocSimple Online PharmacyDoctor FoxLloyds
Vaniqa Cream (Eflornithine) 1 x 60g Tube. 2 Month Supply.£109.95£110.00£ 69.95£80.50£80.50
Vaniqa Cream (Eflornithine) 2 x 60g Tube. 4 Month Supply£179.95£200.00£ 135.50£149.00£149.00
Vaniqa Cream (Eflornithine) 4 x 60g Tube. 8 Month SupplyN/AN/A£ 259.99N/A£272.00